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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed on a tooth that has lost much of its structure. In most cases crowns are used to protect weak teeth from breaking, to cover mis-shapened or discolored teeth, to protect teeth with large fillings, and to make a cosmetic modification. Crowns not only help to restore the shape and size of teeth, they also improve their overall appearance.

The process of making a crown requires a number of steps, beginning with preparing and taking impressions of the tooth/teeth involved. A temporary crown or bridge is then placed on your teeth. Meanwhile, the impressions are sent to the lab where a mold of the teeth is poured and the work begins. The completed work is sent back to the office; after inspection and any necessary adjustments, it is cemented onto your teeth.

Dental crowns can be used for both, adults and children.  For children, a crown can be used on primary teeth when a child has consistent problems keeping up with recommended oral hygiene behaviors.  A crown can also be placed on decaying primary teeth that can no longer support a filling.  Utilizing crowns on primary teeth can also reduce the frequency of sedation during dental visits for children who, for a variety of reasons, may not be able to keep up with daily oral hygiene requirements.

Types of Crowns

Dental offices offer their patients a variety of crown types, ranging from full porcelain to full metal: 

Color-matched Porcelain, Resin and Ceramic Crowns

Porcelain fused-to-metal crowns can be color-matched to the neighboring teeth.  However, more wear to the opposing teeth occurs with this type of cap.  The porcelain can also chip off, revealing the underlying metal.  These crowns are good choices for front or back teeth. 

All resin crowns are more affordable than the previous kinds.  They do, however, wear down over time and are susceptible to fractures compared to porcelain fused-to-metal crowns. 

All ceramic or all porcelain crowns grant the best natural color-match. They are a good choice for front teeth.  They are also a good alternative for people with allergies to metal.  However, these types of crowns are not as strong as porcelain fused-to-metal crowns and they wear down opposing teeth more than metal or resin crowns.

Metal Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are pre-made crowns placed on permanent teeth as a temporary solution.  While the patient awaits the final and permanent crown to be made from a different material, the stainless steel cap protects the tooth from further damage.  For children, stainless steel crowns are often used on primary teeth that have decay.  Once the primary teeth come out, the crowns easily come out with them.  Stainless steel crowns are most frequently used for children, as they don’t require multiple dental visits to be put in place and are so more cost-effective than custom-made crowns.

Metal crowns usually include gold or a base-metal alloy.  Metal crowns are very durable and withstand biting and chewing forces well, while minimizing tooth wear to opposing teeth.  Another advantage of metals is that less tooth structure needs to be removed in order to secure the dental cap.  The metallic color is one the few drawbacks.  That is why metal crowns are best for out-of-sight molars. 

Knowing which kind is right for you can seem overwhelming and daunting. That is why our experienced dentists will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of crown to you when you come in for a consultation.

The dentist at our Sacramento dental office will make your experience as comfortable and painless as possible. Some patients, who really hate the idea of getting a teeth removed, choose to undergo conscious oral sedation so they can relax during their treatment.

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