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Sacramento Dental Medicine offers oral surgery to address the advanced needs of our patients. Working cooperatively with Dr. Michael Narodovich, our associate oral surgeon and endodontist provide expert care for your needs. Whether you require simple tooth extraction, wisdom teeth extraction, or dental implant placement, our Antelope practice can help.

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Tooth Extraction in Antelope 

We offer gentle tooth extraction to remove decayed, damaged or extraneous teeth. In some cases, restorative care is not enough to save teeth, and extraction is necessary to protect your oral health. Some patients’ jaws are too small for a number of teeth in an arch, and these extra teeth cause crowding or bite problems. When patients need one or more teeth to be extracted, we go over the process and make sure to thoroughly numb extraction sites. After extraction, we work to restore your smile using bridges, dentures, or dental implant treatment. 

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure, yet requires an experienced hand to complete successfully. At Sacramento Dental Medicine, Dr. Narodovich works with his team to plan for successful treatment. We provide safe IV sedation provided by a specialist for our oral surgeries, especially during wisdom teeth removal. 
Alveoplasties: The jawbone and gums may be uneven due to the space created by extraction of one or multiple teeth. Dr. Narodovich performs alveoplasties to smooth out uneven areas and seal the site. This allows jaw bone to heal and paves the way for dentures or other restorations to have an even foundation.  

Rebuilding the Smile with Dental Implant Placement

When you have missing teeth or require tooth extraction, dental implant treatment provides another way to restore those teeth. Implant posts the foundation for this treatment, are placed directly into the jaw bone to create support for restorations by acting as a natural tooth root. Dr. Narodovich provides precise and gentle placement, introducing implants according to your individual bone structure. When the implant has integrated into the jaw, patients will receive a custom implant-supported restoration. 

Additional Oral Surgeries

Bone Augmentation: Some patients do not have the requisite bone tissue to support extensive treatments, including those that require oral surgery. Bone augmentation adds bone tissue to shore up areas in the smile that are not as dense as they should be. This treatment makes the jaws level and strong once again.  

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We provide comprehensive oral surgeries in Antelope, including tooth extraction, removal of third molars, and dental implant placement. Dr. Narodovich and his team work together for successful outcomes that support dental care. Call us to see how we can relieve your discomfort or fill missing gaps in your smile. Contact us today or conveniently schedule an appointment online!

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