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Gum Disease Treatment – Michael Narodovich, DMD 

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At Sacramento Dental Medicine, we take a different approach to treat gum disease. Michael Narodovich, DMD, is experienced in offering comprehensive treatment to stop the advance of gum disease and restore oral health.

Gum disease is widespread, affecting millions of Americans. Dr. Narodovich educates patients on the effects of gum disease and provides care to save their natural teeth, supporting dental function.
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Fighting Gum Disease in Antelope

We give each patient individualized attention during gum disease treatment. Our multi-faceted approach is designed to target and restore soft tissue that has been damaged by bacteria. From our office to your home, we provide periodontal care for long-lasting oral health.

In-Office Care

Dr. Narodovich offers multiple procedures to address gum disease. Dental laser treatments remove bacteria and sterilize sites affected by gum disease. This modern technology also limits patient discomfort and supports efficient healing. You may even see healthy gum tissue grow back. If patients have severe cases of gum disease, we apply antibiotics and antimicrobial rinses that help minimize infection. Arestin®, a proven antibiotic, is applied after root planing and scaling to protect your gums from new bacterial infections, promoting increased healing.

If gum disease has advanced to periodontitis, we provide treatment to reduce periodontal, or repair tissue for a natural-looking smile. You can rely on our dentist and nearby periodontist to recommend the best treatment and fashion a long-term plan for improved oral health.

PerioProtect® for Healthy Teeth at Home

You can restore your oral health at home with PerioProtect’s medicine delivery system. The Perio Tray® is a custom-made appliance similar to a mouth guard that ensures periodontal medicine reaches deep into your gums. This convenient treatment allows patients to address their gum disease issues at home while doing chores or watching TV. Sacramento Dental Medicine provides both the custom tray and gum disease medicine based on your periodontal needs.

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Dr. Narodovich and the team at Sacramento Dental Medicine are here to improve the health of your gums. With a range of treatments to improve the foundation of your smiles, you are fully cared for. Call us today at (916) 669-4238. If you have questions about gum disease and how we can help you. 

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