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Dental infections should be treated immediately to prevent the loss of your tooth. If you have a painful toothache, you may need a root canal. At Sacramento Dental Medicine, we perform root canals in Antelope and utilize the services of an in-house specialist for complex cases. Our goal is to protect your health with skilled dental care to remove decay and restore healthy function.

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Should I be Worried about my Root Canal?

While endodontic procedures intimidate many patients, they can be as easy as getting a dental filling. Dr. Narodovich gently and carefully numbs the treatment site to maximize your comfort before working on your tooth.  We even incorporate buffered computerized injections - the most efficient and painless way to use injection medication -- and nitrous oxide for nervous patients. Dr. Narodovich walks patients through their procedure and only advances treatment when they’re ready.

When you visit us for root canal therapy, your comfort is our priority.

Comprehensive Endodontic Treatment for Tooth Pain

For a successful root canal procedure, the interior of your affected tooth -- all the way down to each root chamber -- must be completely cleaned of bacteria and unhealthy tissue. Failure to do this can mean that your tooth becomes re-infected and uncomfortable again.

Dr. Narodovich utilizes 2D and 3D X-rays to determine the severity of your tooth infection. With these tools, we can pinpoint treatment areas and make sure that all decayed material is removed, whether your tooth infection is minimal or has spread into root systems. Sacramento Dental Medicine offers the following services for Antelope, CA root canals:

In-Office Endodontist - We ensure you have access to the care you need when you need it. If your case is particularly complex, we consult with a root canal specialist. They come to you while you’re in our office for care; there is no need to visit a separate dental practice.

Root Canal Re-Treatment - If you’ve had a root canal performed by another dental office, but your treated tooth is still sore and sensitive, you may need a second, more thorough procedure. Whether the dental crown used after your first root canal was not properly sealed or bacteria remain inside your tooth, our general dentist and specialist can help.

After your root canal is complete, Dr. Narodovich provides a completely metal-free and aesthetic dental crown, made of either zirconia or porcelain. We provide root canals and aesthetic restorations to create healthy and beautiful smiles.

If you have a painful tooth, contact our office immediately for your endodontic consultation at Sacramento Dental Medicine in Antelope!

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